生命关怀事业 Life Caring Division



To care for mother earth and all living beings,

To work for the welfare of humanity,

To create world peace and harmony.






“One thought of compassion is all it takes for all beings to turn to kindness.” For mankind to enjoy a pleasant living environment, we need to be mutually respectful, and work for the prosperity of all beings. Modern agriculture uses chemical fertilizers and pesticides to boost harvest, yet causing immense pollution on the natural environment. Not only that many creatures are threatened and hurt, humans too, are gradually paying the price on health and life.


Life Caring Division upholds the value of protecting the earth and caring for lives. We support organic agriculture practitioners, promote vegetarian lifestyle, conduct charity social service, and care for the needs of the disadvantaged community. We hope that through practicing the values ourselves, we can further promote these kind values in the community, to foster a helpful society and create a healthy, harmonious world.

校园种树 Tree-planting in school

  • 为推广种树护地球的环保理念,2015年和本地艺人进入校园种树,也在小学生心中种下关心环境和地球的幼苗。
  • To advocate the idea of tree planting to protect the earth, in year 2015, we enter local primary school with local artiste to plant trees, which also lay a seedling of caring for the earth and environment in the students’ heart.

医疗小组 Medical Team

  • 透由医疗急救的培训课程,让义工不仅能于活动场合帮助身体不适者,还能将正确的医疗资讯传递给大众。
  • Volunteers go through emergency rescue training courses, to offer help to unwell participants in events, while disseminating correct medical information to the public.

生命健康讲座 Life and Health Talk

  • 不定期举办关注生命和健康的讲座,主题包含疾病认识、健康营养、临终准备等。
  • Irregularly hold talks that focus on life and health, addressing issues such as illness awareness, health and nutrition, death preparation etc.

佛化婚礼Buddhist Wedding Ceremony

  • 佛教徒在三宝的见证下,以感恩心开启生命新篇章,并以素食自助餐宴客,让亲友吃得开心又健康。现代化的佛化婚礼既能让新人感受到三宝加持的温馨庄严,又能让亲友体会健康蔬食生活的好处,让生命大事也能增长善业福报。
  • Buddhists couples turn a new page in life with wholesome gratitude under the witness of the three jewels, whilst offer a banquet of delicious vegetarian buffet for friends and families. Modern Buddhist Wedding Ceremony not only allow couples to receive warm blessings from the three jewels, but also allow friends and families to experience the wellness of adopting healthy vegetarian lifestyle, hence increasing merits of kindness on this very big day of life.

悦食大会 Joyfeast – Free Lunch

  • 由一群发心的家庭妇女烹煮健康好吃的蔬食料理,每月一次让大众免费享用蔬食午餐。除了有爱心老火汤和令人讚不绝口的地道糖水,还有主题式多元料理,如西餐、日本料理、大马特色美食等,让附近邻里、上班族、长者,或学员都能带上亲友来品嚐清心愉悦的蔬食好滋味!
  • Every month, a group of enthusiastic housewives cook healthy and delicious vegetarian food for the public to enjoy freely. Apart from their signature soup and acclaimed authentic dessert, they also serve themed gourmet, such as Western food, Japanese cuisine, Malaysia specialties etc., allowing the neighbours, workers, elders, students and families to come and savour a gastronomical delight of vegetarian food!

参访社福中心 Visiting Social Welfare Organizations

  • 义工们到访老人院、孤儿院、智障院等社福中心,透由歌唱表演、游戏节目、准备饮食等,与院友互动聊天,送上关怀与祝福。
  • Volunteers visit old folk homes, orphanages and disability care centres, offering our blessing and caring for the in-house residents, through singing and dancing, play and conversation interactions.