弘法教育事业 Dharma Propagation Division



To develop a purified mind;

To recognize the purpose of life;

To live a life of wisdom





Primarily promoting the study of “Lamrim Chenmo” through regular classes and various learning activities, to guide people in recognizing the truth of life, establishing the correct view of life, hence making way towards a happy and liberated life.


Written by Master Tsongkhapa, “Lamrim Chenmo” marks all essentials of the vast Buddhist scriptures and words spoken by Buddha. It is the step-by-step guidebook for all Buddhist practitioners to reach the full height of life. From family life issues, human relationship issues, workplace issues, to establishing life goals and directions, one may find all resolutions here, which given learning and practicing, could soon improve one‘s quality of life. Venerable Jih-Chang incorporated his own learning experience and gave extensive explanation on the text, putting profound theories in simple language, guiding students to practice dharma in life, so as to improve and ultimately perfecting self and other’s lives.

中文/英文广论研讨班 Chinese/English Lamrim Class


The course primarily focuses on studying the text “Lamrim Chenmo”, through listening to dharma talk, and discussing the text with fellow classmates, engaging each and everyone’s experience to find out how to practice dharma and improve life. (English class uses English textbook and conducts all discussions in English.)

eight precept

佛法提升营 Dharma Enlightenment Course


Courses include CEO camp, Youth growing camp, Chanting retreat, Meditation camp, Enhance learning camp etc.

八关斋戒(Eight Percepts)

八关斋戒 Eight Precepts


Allow students to focus and engage in deeper learning of dharma through 2 days 1 night camp.

ECHO青年团 ECHO Youth Club


Youth of age 18 to 30+ convey the power of positivity through lively singing and dancing performances.

卫塞节嘉年华(Wesak Carnival)

卫塞节嘉年华 Wesak Carnival


Wesak Carnival commemorates the birth, enlightenment and death of Gautama Buddha. Public can bring their family and participate in “Bathing Buddha”, which resembles purifying one’s own mind and body. Apart from singing performances, the carnival also sets up various stores selling food, everyday goods, handicrafts, clothes etc., fostering happy family time.