文化教育事业 Cultural & Educational Division



To promote Confucianism,

To shape noble characters,

To cultivate virtuous individuals.


『教育是人类升沉的枢纽』,现代化的教育普遍着重于知识性技能的传授,以学业成绩衡量个人成就,却忽略了心灵的成长以及内在品德价值的培养。这种偏向的结果,导致物质发展迅速,但伦理道德日渐隐没, 社会问题层出不穷。




“Education is the key to human’s rise and fall”, as modern education generally focuses on imparting knowledge and skills, using academic performance to measure one’s success, the neglect of spiritual growth and cultivation of internal moral value has become increasingly obvious. The result of such one-sided accentuation is seen as rapid development of materiality, yet moral ethics being swallowed up, causing the emergence of various social issues.


The Cultural and Education Division is committed to advocate Confucian values of benevolence with the focal point on filial piety, through promoting whole person education from early childhood to adulthood. Through moral classes such as classics learning, paying respect and gratitude to the elderly, caring education etc., we hope to integrate wisdom of ancient sages into modern education, in the effort to cultivate the new era’s excellent social pillars.

乐幼班(0-3岁)Happy Toddler Class (Year 0-3)



– Parents accompany toddlers to attend classes, listen to stories and music, read classics and enjoy snacks.

– While toddlers learn how to respect and repay parents, parents also learn how to cater to children’s needs, as well as discovering children’s good deeds.

儿童读经班(4-11岁)Classic Recitation Children Class (Year 4-11)

-[孝班]4至6岁 [Filial class]Year 4-6

-[中班]7至9岁 [Middle class]Year 7-9

-[仁班]10至11岁[Benevolence class]Year 10-11


-Through learning “Standards for being a Good Student and Child”, making handicrafts, sharing good deeds and story-telling, students gradually cultivate the spirit of filial piety to parents, respect for teachers and the elderly, and support younger children.

青少年班(12-17岁)Adolescent Class (Year 12-17)


-Through recognizing the truth of life, students learn to be responsible for one’s life, and make the right decision in the face of choices.

家长成长班 Parenting Growth Class
  • 好环境能增长学习的效率。除了老师在课堂的培育教学,家庭环境的支持对孩子的成长也扮演着重要角色。家庭成长班让家长学习以正确的方法关爱和教育子女,减少家庭矛盾,促进家长和子女的快乐成长。
  • A good environment can foster higher learning efficiency. A child’s growth not only depends on a good teacher coaching in class, family support also plays a phenomenal role. Parenting growth class allows parents to learn the right way of caring and educating children, minimizing family conflicts and facilitate happy learning between parents and children.
童心童愿营 Children’s Camp


-Learning focuses on the theme of [filial piety]

孝亲感恩日 Filial & Gratitude Day


- Through activities such as tea-offering, feet-washing, story sharing, children learn how to express gratitude and repay the kindness of parents.

关爱教育营 Caring Education Camp



  • Targeted participants: parents, teachers, Lamrim students
  • Through guided workshops, participants learn to develop emotional literacy, such as caring, empathy, listening to needs etc. in answering education needs.
讲座和分享会 Talk and Sharing


-Industrial experts address issues such as parent-child relationship, gender relationship etc.

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